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  • Leslie Jill Patterson

The 2016 IHLR Trifecta

The 2016 IHLR Trifecta are finally available!

As we announced earlier this semester, we had a long, hard summer, and we've been racing to catch up. We're very pleased to announce the release of our 2016 Trifecta winners: Kate Norris's "Collateral Damage" (fiction), Sarah Pape's "Grand Avenue" (nonfiction), and Tiffany HIggins's "The Apparition at Fort Bragg" (poetry).

Norris's short story, "Collateral Damage," considers the school shootings we've grown far too accustomed to in America--this time, though, from the perspective of the shooter's sibling, a young girl who blames herself for her brother's mental collapse and who may also have been his intended target. Pape's essay, "Grand Avenue," returns Pape to her childhood neighborhood--a place she describes as one of "economic depression, neglect, and a sense of danger." Here, she recalls an encounter with a neighbor who sexually assaulted her as a young girl, an experience that speaks to current conversations about rape culture and #YesAllWomen. And Tiffany Higgins's long poem, "The Apparition at Fort Bragg," is part travel narrative, part environmental meditation, and part story of a girl-and-her-beloved-dog. The poem is accompanied by Higgins's personal photographs of her trip.

Iron Horse is pleased to provide this platform for those inspiring longer manuscripts writers create but have difficulty placing in literary journals because so few publications have room for them. We hope you enjoy reading our latest round of FREE! online literature. You can download or read them directly on the ISSUU website.

And if you have a long manuscript in your files, ready to go, get the details for submitting it to Iron Horse right here. We're now reading for the 2017 IHLR Trifecta: submit.

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