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Every fall, for seven years, Iron Horse has accepted submissions for our annual Trifecta, an issue in which we published those marathon-long manuscripts most journals won't consider. While we originally published three long pieces every year--one long poem, one long essay, and one long story, we are converting the line to prose only. (Our NaPoMo issue will include a contest for poets now.)


Every fall, we still read marathon-long submissions but only in nonfiction and fiction--prose manuscripts that run between 20 and 40 pages. The entry fee is $15, which includes a year's subscription. The winner--either one essay or one story--will receive $1,000 and be published in an e-single, in full-color, available for free download to all readers via ISSUU.


The winner will receive a lot of PR on our website, but also on our social media outlets. Anyone can read, download, and share the e-single when released.


NOTE: Iron Horse does not read long manuscripts outside of the LONG STORY submission period. So don't miss the opportunity to have our editors look at your long stories or essays every fall. Gates are open from Aug 15 through Oct 15. Our free submission day is Oct 1, on which we will accept 25 free submissions.


For all other days in the submission period, submit here.


And read the IHLR Trifecta stories, essays, and poems at IHLR Online ... for FREE!

2024 finalists & winner


Leslie Pietrzyk, "F-I-N-E" (Fiction)


Yvonne Conza, “F-stop” (Fiction)

Menasheh Fogel, “Cabin in the City” (Fiction)

JK Haman, “Whole Life” (Fiction)

Chad Koch, “Liquid” (Fiction)

Sarah Walker, “Back in My Body” (Fiction)


Rebecca Bernard, “An Overwhelming Loneliness” (Fiction)

Anna Chotlos, “Self Portrait as Betty Crocker (Nonfiction)

Sue Granzella, “Unbearable Cruelty, Spectacular Glory” (Nonfiction)

Jill Talbot, “My Mother’s Dresses (Nonfiction)

Erin Wood, “Athens, Revised” (Nonfiction)

current/previous winners

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