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As writers and editors, we believe in using words to argue for human rights, demand social justice, and respond to current events. Because words have power--they can teach, move, shock, and sing. For #IHLRNewsFlash, we seek brief essays, stories, or poems that respond to urgent current events.

In the past, some of our favorite pieces about 9/11 have included these two poems and flash essay:

       "On the Day of the Dead," by Edwidge Danticat

       "Leap," by Brian Doyle

       "Lower Manhattan Pantoum," by Elaine Sexton



Prose submissions to #IHLRNewsFlash should be no longer than 800 words; poems should be no longer than 25 lines. We receive 20 submissions per week and read them year-round--because the world never rests, even if our office is closed. The submission gate for NewsFlash opens every Monday morning at 10 a.m. CST, and closes as soon as we hit submission twenty.  The next Monday, we open the gate again and repeat the process. We accept only the best submissions: sometimes all 20 in one week; sometimes none--though we're hoping to accept at least two a week.

#IHLRNewsFlash will not publish work that supports hate or racism, that disrespects science or journalism, or promotes falsehoods and/or bigotry.

We do not pay for every manuscript we publish as part of #IHLRNewsFlash, but we will select the best one we publish in a year's time and award that writer $200.

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