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We can't include every story, poem, and essay we admire in our print issues, so we developed IHLR Online to bring more great literature to a wider audience! So enjoy this portion of Iron Horse--for free! If you wish to submit to IHLR Online, start here.


Every summer, we release three e-singles: the winners of the annual IHLR Trifecta--one long story, essay, and poem. On New Year's Eve, we publish The PhotoFinish (our year-end e-anthology celebrating brief ekphrastic work in response to a photo we post in the summer). IHLR NewsFlash offers brief stories, essays, or poems in response to current events. Our Blog curates five original series:


This year, in CULTLAND, Bruce Owens Grimm revisits how the Lundgren Cult Murders turned Kirtland, Ohio, into a place of mystery and monsters in the late 1980s. At the same time, the news story reverberated in Grimm's family, where the dynamics, sometimes cultlike, taught a queer child he didn't belong.

In WALKING THROUGH, Lindsay Tigue riffs off Lauren Elkin's 2016 book Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London. In a series of "walks," Teague considers the flâneuse as creative voice that connects us to the larger sense of women's movement, through and with our current world and environment.

In The SET-UP, Gale Massey tackles the the tale, so common in MFA and PhD programs, of the wunderkind--the superstar student who has multiple offers of representation, who  follows a prescribed path ending in book publication. This predictable rise, however, is the exception, and here, in this series, Massey will the story of an author in the trenches, working hard for publication.

Keats embraced negative capability--and, thus, the pursuit of uncertainty, mystery, and doubt. Lorca invited death to haunt him because "duende delights in struggling freely with the creator on the edge of the pit." In The EDGE, Sebastian Hasani Paramo wonders if he's capable of claiming the role of artist even if it means walking the ledge of darkness. How haunted is he willing to become in pursuit of his writing?

In BRIEF INTERVIEWS with HIDEOUS WOMEN, Chelsea Whitton interrogates popular culture’s most unlikeable fictional women. With them, à la the celebrity profile model, she talks beauty regimens, guilty pleasures, and favorite sex positions. In every interview, she goes deep, getting to the bottom of what makes these women so disagreeable!


On the blog, we also post interviews with writers we love and sneak-peaks at forthcoming books you'll want to read.

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