the ihlr photofinish



For the IHLR annual PhotoFinish, we seek well-crafted and very brief ekphrastic work that pushes beyond the absolute literal details of a photo prompt; we're looking for work that recognizes what's hidden in the world we see. We provide the photo right here every May. Responses should be no longer than 500 words for prose or 15 lines for poetry, and they should be submitted electronically via our Submittable page in June. Winner receives $250. The winner and nine finalists are published in the e-edition, released at midnight on Dec 31--our last horse over the year's finish line. $5 fee. Except on our free day: June 17, 2019.

Read our past PhotoFinish Issues (FREE!) at IHLR Online!

2019 winner

Alice Duggan | To a Dropped Egg

2019 finalists

M. Soledad Caballeros | Dear Poem

Neil Carpathios | Hide and Seek

Jason Gray | God Gives up the Sun

Susan Jewell | The Weak Spot

N.R. Robinson | Mixing It up with Mama

Katherine Seluja | Deep Fried with Slaw on the Side

Leah Skay | Walking on Eggshells

Matthew Sutton | Vertigo

Charles Venable | No Use Crying

Vivian Wagner | Jamestown Redux

The winner and all finalists will be included in the 2019 PhotoFinish, released at midnight on New Year's Eve. We will announce the release on social media, with the link to read the issue for free!

2020 photo prompt: coming soon



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