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napomo with ihlr

It's been 12 years since we started publishing an annual issue dedicated to National Poetry Month! This is one of our most popular issues, and we always combine new voices with some established champions. Each fall, when we begin hunting the poems we will include, we're excited to see what poets have been working on over the summer.

Recently, we've rethought the way we manage and release our annual NaPoMo issue. Now, it is published electronically, via

ISSUU, which means anyone can download and read it for free, and so our contributors' works reach a wider audience. We're also more selective with this issue: instead of 25 poems, we select only the very best 11: one winner and ten finalists--much like our annual PhotoFinish issue. The issue will be released in full color, and each manuscript will have its own artwork. 

The entrance fee is now $15, which includes a year's subscription for print issues. Plus, while the ten finalists will receive our standard honorarium for poems ($50 per poem), the winner will receive $1,000. 


• Poets can submit up to five poems for consideration.

• Manuscripts must be typed and in a 12-point font.

• The author’s name and  contact  information  must  appear  on  the  Submittable  form, but it must NOT appear anywhere else--no headers or footers with identifying information; no bio note inside the manuscript. Manuscripts with biographical information will be disqualified.

The $15 entry fee includes a year's subscription to IHLR.

• We only accept electronic manuscripts, submitted as ONE pdf file, with all of the poems in that single file. 

•  Submissions will be accepted between August 15 and October 1.

•  Geffrey Davis will judge.

free submit day

We will accept 25 free submissions on September 1. On that day, we will open a special gate, revealed on our social media pages (connect with us below) and here on our website. We will accept only one free submission per person (automatically disqualifying subsequent free submission attempts), and we will only accept the first 25. Once we hit 25 submissions in the free gate, we will close it. Free submissions will not receive a subscription or feedback. We offer this opportunity in the hopes of targeting writers who cannot afford to enter otherwise. If you can afford to enter, please do not take one of the 25 available free slots.

August 15 to October 1: Submit here.

September 1 for free: Submit here.


We'll announce semi-finalists, finalists, and the winner here in December. The winner and ten finalists will be published in a full-color, electronic issue in the spring!

2022 semi-finalists

Claudia Putnam

Samantha DeFlitch

Sean Cho

A. Bola Chinelo

Carrie Beyer

Emily Kingery

Jennifer Wholey

Zuleyha Ozturk Lasky

Bryana Joy

Cristina Medina

Nora Hikari

Heidi Seaborn

Daniel Edward Moore

Anne-Marie Thompson

Christopher Shipman

2022 finalists

Claudia Putnam: "Desire for Desire"

Samantha DeFlitch: "After the Phone Call" and "En Route Mortality" Carrie Beyer: "Improvisation with Falling Stone"

Cristina Medina: "Preservation"

Heidi Seaborn: "Zuihitsu: Mark Rothko"

Daniel Edward Moore: "Raptor Me"

Anne-Marie Thompson: "Lost"

Christopher Shipman: "Epigenetics" and "The House Where It Happened"

2022 winner!

Bryana Joy: "Summer of the Oyster Catchers"

winners and napomo issues

bryana joy author photo_edited
bryana joy author photo_edited

2022 winner

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Cassandra Cleghorn
Cassandra Cleghorn

2021 winner

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IHLR NaPoMo 2022  Cover
IHLR NaPoMo 2022 Cover

NaPoMo 22

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NaPoMo 2021
NaPoMo 2021

NaPoMo 2021

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winning issue
winning issue
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winning issue
winning issue
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