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  • Bibiana Ossai

Call for Submission: 2024 IHLR PhotoFinish

Photo Prompt for 2024 IHLR PhotoFinish

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

For the IHLR annual PhotoFinish, we seek well-crafted and very brief ekphrastic work that pushes beyond an absolute literal read of a photo prompt. We’re looking for work that recognizes what's hidden in the world we see, either responding to the physical details that the picture offers or the emotion it conveys--or both.

We provide the photo on our website beginning May 15th every year.Responses should be no longer than 500 words for prose or 15 lines for poetry, and our submission gate will remain open from July 1 to Aug 15.

The winner receives $250. The finalists receive: $50. The winner and nine finalists are published in the e-edition, released at midnight on New Year's Eve—our last horse over the year's finish line.

Submission Fee: $5 fee. Or you may submit on our free day: July 15. The link to the free portal will be live on our website and social media accounts all day on the 15th! The free submit days are intended to target those writers who cannot afford to submit to literary journals otherwise. If you can afford to enter, then please use our regular submission portal for this issue and thus support our efforts to continue offering a platform for writers to publish their work.

The 2024 Photo Prompt

This year’s photo prompt also appears on our website.

Good luck!


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