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  • Bibiana Ossai

2023 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Iron Horse Literary Review is pleased to announce our six Pushcart Prize nominees for 2023 and we wish all our nominees the best. Below are the nominees and their works:


Laurie Champion, “Swept Up” (March 2023, 25.1)


Kyle Bilinski, “The Weight of Stones” (March 2023, 25.1)

Michael Czyniejewski, “The Happiest Place on Earth” (Fall 2023, 25.2)


John McCarthy, “His Once Content Father Tries to Create a Coherent Timeline Out of Disconnected Choices” (March 2023, 25.1)

Rome Hernández Morgan, “No Service, Arkansas” (March 2023, 25.1)

Lily Greenberg, “The Moment I Discovered I could Tell My Doctor to Write in ‘Refused’ Next to My Weight” (Spring 2023, IHLR NaPoMo 2023)

Congratulations to the nominees!

You can read these wonderful pieces by subscribing to Iron Horse Literary Review and/or by ordering back issues here.

We are currently open for submissions.

Iron Horse is currently open for submissions until November 15 for our themed Party issue. Send us your poems, stories, and essays that center around unlawful acts: misdemeanors to felonies, war crimes to white collar crimes, perpetrators in the home or at work. We'll be especially happy to receive submissions about breaking laws that shouldn't be laws in the first place. See full submission guidelines here.


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