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  • Leslie Jill Patterson

2022 IHLR Long Story Winner!

Marcus Burke, author of Team Seven and IHLR's Fiction Editor, has selected Sara Fetherolf's short story, "The Place," as this year's Long Story winner. Burke writes that the story's language and narrative structure, as well as the writer's ability to seamlessly weave a conceptual/fantastic element into the plot, completely captivated him.

Our office staff--our associate editors, our managing editors, and I--love this story's attention to detail--how powerfully activated the scenes are by the imagery. The characters are strange and fascinating, and we cannot wait to share this story with our readers this coming June!

Sara Fetherolf (she/they) is a poet, essayist, storyteller, and librettist, whose work has appeared in Muzzle, Indiana Review, The California Journal of Poetics, and Plath Profiles, among others. She is the winner of an Academy of American Poets Prize and the Cloudbank Poetry Prize. She holds an MFA degree from Hunter College and is currently a PhD candidate in Literature and Creative Writing at University of Southern California, where she is the poetry editor for Gold Line Press. Sara will receive $1,000 for her winning story!

So, congratulations to Sara!

We'd also like to congratulate Nancy Ludmerer, whose story "The Loneliness Cure," was named the runner-up!


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