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new poetry editor announced!

All of us at Iron Horse are happy to welcome our new poetry editor, Geffrey Davis, to our team! We are thrilled and feel so lucky to have such a talented poet join our staff.

Davis is the author of Revising the Storm ​(BOA Editions 2014), winner of the A. Poulin Jr. Poetry Prize and a Hurston/Wright Legacy Award Finalist, and Begotten (URB Books 2016), coauthored with poet F. Douglas Brown. Davis' forthcoming collection, Night Angler (BOA Editions), will appear in Spring 2019.

Praise for Davis’ work includes:

“'In my previous life as a deer,' begins one of the many terrific poems here, 'I honed my brand/ of nervousness, balanced instinct and memory.' It is as if Robert Lowell’s Life Studies was remixed for the contemporary moment as Geffrey Davis translates and transforms our contemporary modes of love, violence and history. Revising the Storm feels written by a poet who has traversed several previous lives and honed them into a language of beautiful survival. Urgent, tender, imaginative: this is a tremendous debut.” — Terrence Hayes, How to Be Drawn

Revising the Storm​ is one of the best first books I've read in a long time. Its subjects—childhood, an absentee father, marriage, divorce, remarriage, miscarriage, birth—are not new, but the approach is fresh, the language lyrical, the poems well-tuned and masterfully wrought. Geffrey Davis is spellbinding. He knows how to bring even the smallest heartbreaking detail to light. Tenderly but firmly, he leads us down many paths toward the center of a life.​ [...] There are delicate, intricate poems here, stormed by memory, always in motion. If the family is the greatest catastrophe, it is also the source of our most profound joy. Geffrey Davis reminds us how to survive and endure both.” (Foreword) —Dorianne Laux, The Book of Men

If you are waiting for Revising the Storm and Begotten to make it to your mailbox, you can find some of Davis’ poems online (like the poems "What I Mean When I Say Truck Driver", and "What I Mean When I Say Farmhouse" from

For more information, check out our masthead, and Davis’ website:

We would also like to give our sincerest, heartfelt thanks to the talented and wonderful poet, Camille T. Dungy, for all of her editorial insight on our issues this past year—we could not have done it without her.

And we would like to thank you, our dedicated readers. From all of us here at Iron Horse, we look forward to another year of reading your wonderful work.

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