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  • Mark L. Keats

win, place, show: millay colony for the arts

Writers need time to not only write but also think and edit. How does spending two weeks or a month in beautiful Austerlitz, New York (upstate), and focusing on your writing sound? The Millay Colony for the Arts now accepts applications twice annually: October. 1 and March 1. The Millay Colony offers two-week (in June and Septemeber) and month long residencies between April and November. While there is a $35 fee to apply, if accepted, fellows receive free room and board. The Millay Colony for the Arts has been integral for many currently established and emerging writers such as Sandra Beasley, Geoffrey Brock, Maud Casey, Wo Chan, Nick Flynn, Lacy M. Johnson, E.J. Levy, Lia Purpura, Danez Smith, and Leni Zumas.

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