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  • Chen Chen

gates open: 2016 national poetry month issue

Poets! And writers who work mainly in other genres but who (unfairly) also write amazing poems! We are pleased to announce our new submission period and "theme." Well, it's not really a theme. It's poetry—any form, any subject. Submit, now till Oct. 31st, your best, beautiful, wow-boom-life-altering work for Iron Horse's 2016 National Poetry Month Issue.

We want this to be our most exciting, most diverse (by age, region, racial/ethnic background, gender, orientation, ability, class, profession), and most engaging all-poetry issue yet. So, surprise us, shake us up, make us see and feel anew.

Guidelines from our submittable page:

We're currently reading for our 2016 National Poetry Month issue (Volume 18, No. 2). Poems of all types accepted September 29 - October 31, 2015. This is one of our most popular issues, and we always combine new voices with some established champions. We're excited to see what you've been working on, so send us your best!

Combine the poems you wish us to consider in ONE file. Do NOT upload multiple files, one for each poem (which will cost you a bunch of money).

Do NOT include your cover letter materials in the file with your poems. Simply paste it into the Cover Letter box on the submission form. Manuscript files that include biographical statements will be rejected automatically.

Go on—polish up those manuscripts and send them to us here.

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