the trifecta

Every fall, Iron Horse accepts submissions for its annual Trifecta, which is your chance to publish those marathon manuscripts most journals won't consider. Poets should submit a single poem, 10-20 pages long. Prose writers should submit a story or essay that runs between 25 and 40 pages. The entry fee is $10, which includes a year's subscription. The winners--a poet, an essayist, and a fiction writer--each receive $250.


Every June, the three winning manuscripts are released individually as e-singles, right when everyone on summer vacation needs a good read. The Trifecta singles are produced in attractive, four-color, FREE(!) electronic issues, each with its own chic design. They'll receive a lot of real estate space here on our website, but also on our social media outlets. Anyone can download them (we said, "FREE!"), and you can post them on your social media outlets, so all of your friends and family and professional connections can read your work. The Trifecta comprises Issue 3 of each year's volume of Iron Horse.


NOTE: Iron Horse does not read long manuscripts outside of the Trifecta submission period. So don't miss the opportunity to have an editor look at your long stories, essays, or poems each November. This year the gates open from Oct 20 through November 17.


Submit online. And read the IHLR Trifecta stories, essays, and poems at IHLR Online ... for FREE!


current finalists


Eva H.D., The Curse of the Magi

Mary Moore, In Which Echo Has the Last Word

Brian Orth, The Fractured Timeline of Grief

Sara Moore Wagner, I'll Wear This Crown for the Ruined World


Ruby Al-Qasem, The Motherpeace

Eve Ettinger, How to Miss a Rapist


Kate Blackwood, Silver Tongue

Bino Realuyo, La Pared de Tortilla

Peter Stavros, Tryouts

Gina Troisi, Eve

current/previous winners