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  • Jacob M. Hall

Long Story Winner & Finalists

We are pleased to announce the winner and finalists for the 2021 IHLR Long Story competition. Our Long Story focuses on prose submissions that often are too large for a lot of journals out there. We love getting the opportunity to read these longer submissions, with such beautiful depth and development that spills over 20-40 pages of content.

This year, we changed up our annual Trifecta competition. With the Long Story, we now focus on prose, choosing one excellent story or essay from a pool of great submissions. Narrowing to one winner is such a difficult task. We want to thank everyone who submitted to us, especially with how difficult this year has been for so many. It means a lot that you took the time to send your work our way.

The winner of our Long Story issue will be published in Summer of 2021 as a digital issue and will receive $1,000. To learn more about our annual Long Story issue, click here.


"Falling," an essay by Jill Christman


"Pests," a story by Matt Jones

"The Doll," a story by Keith Lesmeister

"Family, Gathering," a story by Michele Ruby

"Married, Living in Italy," a story by Misty Urban

"The Corporate History of Hell," a story by Kennedy Weible​


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