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  • Jess Smith

2017 trifecta: release!

The 2017 IHLR Trifecta are available!

We're very pleased to announce the release of our 2017 Trifecta winners: C.J. Spataro's "The Twi-Lite" (fiction), Willa Schmidt's “A Letter from Bernie, A Letter from Ben” (nonfiction), and Heather Altfeld's “Helpless Intruders in a Strange World” (poetry), which will be available shortly.

Spataro's "The Twi-Lite" explores the intricacies of intimacy via a surrealist experience at a drive-in theater. Schmidt's "A Letter from Bernie, A Letter from Ben" is a meditation on the evolution of relationships, full of the sensory details of mid-1960s America. "Helpless Intruders in a Strange World" by Altfeld is a long sequence engaging grief and global warming in tandem.

We're also excited to offer a Bonus Trifecta this year! You can find 2016 AWP Intro Award winner Nathaniel Barron's titular, opening chapter of his novel in progress, From the Watch Tower, alongside our winners.

Iron Horse is pleased to provide this platform for those inspiring longer manuscripts writers create but have difficulty placing in literary journals because so few publications have room for them. We hope you enjoy reading our latest round of FREE! online literature. You can download or read them directly on the ISSUU website.

And if you have a long manuscript in your files, ready to go, get the details for submitting it to Iron Horse. We're now reading for the 2018 IHLR Trifecta: submit.

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