January 5, 2017

At their best, sports contain the same qualities that we at IHLR love about good literature. First, even if playing is a team effort, every sport we can name is peopled by compelling characters, some of whom the media portray in a heroic light (think LeBron James coming home to win luckless Cleveland a championship) or hold up as villains (like Lance Armstrong after testing positive for performanc...

March 25, 2015

First of all, many thanks to all of the talented writers who submitted prose manuscripts for consideration in the 2015 Single-Author Competition. We were overwhelmed with the care you took in writing and arranging these story and essay collections, and it wasn't easy to select just ten finalists to send on to our judge, Roxane Gay.


After nearly a month of deliberation, though, we are thrilled to p...

January 15, 2015

Writing conferences come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely does one come along with the history, faculty, community, and general reputation of the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Gearing up for its 26th session, this Conference takes place on the campus of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, and will run this year from July 21st through August 2nd, 2015. While some conferences focus...

November 25, 2014

Picture a sprawling farmhouse tucked into a green slope halfway up the side of Mount Subasio National Park, a sparsely populated hiker’s paradise overlooking the ancient fortified town and UNESCO site of Assisi, Italy. Nearby, a remade open barn that once housed animals and farming equipment now bursts with paint-studded wooden tables, collapsed easels, Bunsen burners, outdoor sinks, and any numbe...

November 21, 2014

We admit to being excitable at IHLR, but it’s hard to blame us when there’s news of this caliber to announce. Prose writers, brace for impact: Roxane Gay has generously agreed to judge our 2015 Single-Author Competition! That’s right, the author of the essay collection Bad Feminist, the novel An Untamed State, and Ayiti, a collection of stories about, as Ethel Rohan puts it, “Haiti, its people, an...

September 23, 2014

Many thanks to everyone who answered our submissions call for the Bedroom Issue. You’ve given our staff words to make them swoon, blush, and gasp into the small hours of the night. Since it will be tough to whittle final selections out of the excellent work we’ve seen so far, we’ve built in ten days of rest before gates open on our next submission call. While we’d like you to keep the upcoming the...

September 16, 2014

We hope you’re working on something special for our Bedroom Issue, which will launch on the same day in February that Fifty Shades of Grey opens in theaters nationwide. Lest you suspect we aim to ride the coattails of that movie’s almost certain success, we wanted to remind you of some unflattering findings associated with the trilogy. Dr. Amy Bonomi of Michigan State University recently conducted...

September 9, 2014


Last year, The Atlantic Monthly ran Emily Temple’s excellent compilation of quotes by famous writers on the art of revision. There are many gems in her list, among them this famous quip from a 1985 issue of Newsweek by none other than Elmore Leonard: “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.”


At Iron Horse, we hope you’re deep into revisions for our current submissions call (The Bedroom Issue: Ga...

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January 30, 2020

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